Rock ‘n BLOG Roll

In no particular order here are some of the best of the best who make up my rockin’ MUST READS:

Music Savvy Mom (also a kickin’ blog, FB & Twitter designer)

Hip As I Wanna Be (She is as Hip as I WANNA BE!)

The SITSgirls (ALL beginners should be here. Plus once a SITStah always a SITStah!)

Pajamas and Coffee (Less coffee and more BRILLIANT!)

Love Feast Table (Themed drinks, witty women and loads of style)

Scary Mommy (What’s Scary about Jill is sometimes I think she’s living inside my head, channeling my thoughts and whipping them into MUCH better posts than I could)

Better In Bulk (ONE day I’ll talk Laura into some photography lessons!)

Jodifur (Shoe Fridays.. need I say more? Well okay then she also writes for the super CEWL Mama Pop)

DudeMom (Amanda may be the only chick in the place, other than the dog, but she ROCKS the Dude Mom Life in STYLE)

Mom Off  Track (Raising two teen boys. Queen of all Social Media. Manages to do the prepping thing without being creepy. Has a wicked sense of humor. Advocates for Special Needs. Barb Likos is my hero. Nuff said)

Party Blueprints (I want to live inside this blog. Really I do)

… more to come.. geesh this takes forever!

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