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Fit Pitchin’ Friday… REALLY?!

You know you’ve over used a term or exclamation (says the woman who is a charter member of  Over Punctuators Anonymous!!!!) when your kids run around mimicking your delivery of said saying. Here is the thing though.. if Paris could have “That’s Hot” and The Donald can have “You’re Fired!” why can’t Mom have her own tag-line too?

So when I hear one more word about Tiger Woods in the boudoir or a bunker, I don’t have to write ANOTHER post I can simply say… “REALLY?!”

Or say it’s six months from now and that dam oil well STILL isn’t plugged I can respond with a resounding… “REALLY?!” and just offer them up the services of my 16 year old who can plug up a toilet with ease and whom I’m sure could help BP out.

How about when TLC has to change the title to “20 Kids and Counting”. I don’t know what disturbs me more here, the sheer volume of laundry or that poor woman’s um… well.. to put it delicately, her vajayjay.. I mean “REALLY?!”

Schools across the country have felt it a necessary step to take the time to ban Silly Bandz. After all, we all know the failure of so many school systems to provide children with a quality education is entirely the fault of rubber bracelets. “REALLY?!”

In the end it’s about efficiency people. I can conserve both my time and yours by the simple over use of one word. With varying inflection I can convey anything from approval to annoyance. So in the end it’s rather genius, if I don’t say so myself. Who cares what my kinds think anyway… “REALLY?!”