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You Don’t Have To Try

When I first heard Colbie Caillat’s new song, Try, on the radio last week I thought, “Well there is a good message in that song.” Then I moved on. Colbie isn’t exactly my genre of tunes, but I’d listen to it twice just for the message. 

Then I started to see my Facebook stream flood with links to the video. Call me Queen Lemming, I had to click.

Then I had to get tissues.

Then my teen daughter, and even my seven year old daughter.

This video goes far beyond the song. It’s the message every child and young adult, boys and especially girls, and – admittedly- even I needed to hear.


The Tao of The Nuggets

From time-to-time people (the ones who live in my head) will say to me; “Four amazing kids, awesome marriage, cool career, and a wildly popular (again in my head) blog, how DO you do it?”

To that I simply reply… The Tao of Nuggets. So what exactly is a Tao? Simple wisdom. A code. Tao roughly translates as “path” or “way”.  And the way of the Nuggets, reads something like this:

Like the moth to flame, dirty socks are drawn to the living room floor. No amount of reasoning will save the moth her life or the mom her sanity. Consider the socks as decor.

Attempting to reason with a teenager is much like trying to coax Shakespeare from a rock. Abandon such fruitless endeavors and seek reason in the Starbucks cafe within Barnes and Noble.

Upon every meal a little ketchup (or ranch) will fall. So cook what you like, they will simply drown their food anyway. 

Breathe deep. Let it go. Uncork it.

Life is a Story. Don't skip pages. The Tao of The Nuggets.

Life is a story told in moments. Don’t skip pages.

Always keep a bag packed. Be ready when your chance to runaway from home comes.

Plucking facial hair is Zen.

They are watching you. Don’t let them think that life is such serious business.


What’s your Tao?

Let Go Every Now and Zen

How often do you find yourself feeling pulled along from one thing to the next and wondering what will make you happy?

Some days I swear, if one more talking head on the TV yaps about “Work/Life Balance” I’m going to step off this teeter totter and let it smack them right in the wobbly bits.

We knew this mom gig was going to be work, hard work. The marriage thing too. I won’t even mention career, health or retirement planning.  For the record my retirement planning is better known as Power Ball.

Why is it that being happy seems to be the hardest work of all?

Of all the directions I find myself being pulled, I think convincing myself that there is some key, a magic potion or yoga pose out there that will make everything fall into place and make me happy-ever-after is the toughest job. When did we buy into the idea that we had to hold on to so many things? That they all had to be balanced and done perfectly in order for us to be happy?

Could it be that happiness is something that comes when you don’t hold on so hard. Maybe it  just comes in spurts (perhaps aided or thwarted by hormone levels… now and then) and we’re all just exhausting ourselves trying to catch it and keep it.

Maybe what we need to do is…

let go