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Let Go Every Now and Zen

How often do you find yourself feeling pulled along from one thing to the next and wondering what will make you happy?

Some days I swear, if one more talking head on the TV yaps about “Work/Life Balance” I’m going to step off this teeter totter and let it smack them right in the wobbly bits.

We knew this mom gig was going to be work, hard work. The marriage thing too. I won’t even mention career, health or retirement planning.  For the record my retirement planning is better known as Power Ball.

Why is it that being happy seems to be the hardest work of all?

Of all the directions I find myself being pulled, I think convincing myself that there is some key, a magic potion or yoga pose out there that will make everything fall into place and make me happy-ever-after is the toughest job. When did we buy into the idea that we had to hold on to so many things? That they all had to be balanced and done perfectly in order for us to be happy?

Could it be that happiness is something that comes when you don’t hold on so hard. Maybe it  just comes in spurts (perhaps aided or thwarted by hormone levels… now and then) and we’re all just exhausting ourselves trying to catch it and keep it.

Maybe what we need to do is…

let go