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Strap yourselves in kids, I’m a gonna be gettin’ up on my soap box today. Consider yourself forewarned!

SO, have you got wind of the latest “news worthy” controversy surrounding my favorite holiday, Halloween? This year it’s not the typical, “You’re celebrating evil and setting a poor moral example you pagan hood-wearing degenerates” or even my personal favorite, “Candy rots your teeth, brains and every time you hand it out for free a kitten dies”.

Nope, this year it’s all about eating disorders.

Now wait, before you start to burn me at the stake for making light of eating disorders, let me share. In my teen years I struggled with Bulimia, quietly and with heaps of shame. My weight was so low at one point I looked like walking bones. I’m good now, thanks. (<— a little TOO good actually) I tell you this so that you know that the following rant is, in no way, intended to minimize the pain that those who have eating disorders go through.

The uproar is all over this get-up, titled “Ana Rexia”

Yup, it’s not in the best of taste. Anorexia is a deadly disease that afflicts millions. It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, a child or a parent. It’s deadly and not funny at all. Maybe people are right to be outraged and demand that vendors -who have been selling this costume with little notice since 2007- pull it from their stores and instead rely on these staples of Halloween garb…

Because who cares if you make fun of fat people, right? Obesity doesn’t destroy lives. It’s funny. Children don’t suffer from it.  It doesn’t kill millions and cause immeasurable pain. Fat people are just lazy, not suffering from a life threatening disease. Rich fat people can go buy liposuction. As for poor fat people; well what’s funnier than beer-bellied-gap-toothed-trailer-trash, eh? Fat people deserve ridicule. After all, all they need to do is put down the damn donuts and go run a marathon. Right?

How about this folks? How about we all stop being  Halloweenies and give ourselves ONE day a year where we can make fun of everyone, be inappropriate, politically incorrect even. Let loose and be all sorts of wrong.  Be equal opportunity offenders. Come on, it’s a costume. It’s supposed to be ironic. It won’t kill you… though that fat ass vampire looks hungry enough to have me a little concerned.