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Top Five…

Yesterday, while enjoying the waning moments of an off line weekend, I got the chance to take in one of my all time favorite flicks——>

I don’t know what it is about John Cusack, but the dude speaks to me. (yes I realize that perhaps this is something I should discuss with a professional) Of course I understand that it’s more likely the screen writers of the films he chooses to make. But he’s the vessel and I’ve sort of got a “thing” for him.  So there ya go.

Inspired by his character, Rob Gordon,  in High Fidelity today I bring you my…

Top Five people or media outlets I’d like to ghost blog for. Because really if you’re gonna dream kids, it better be BIG!

  1. Gabrielle Bonheu Quiet literally a “ghost” writing gig. This woman was truly a pioneer, poet and revolutionary. She has touched the life of every modern woman who has ever put on her pants one leg at a time. Her style was only out matched by her fearless independence and brilliance.
  2. Cameron Crowe This choice is pure voyeurism. I’d love to spend some time inside this man’s brain. In my humble opinion he is a freakin’ genius. Kerouac with a camera, he tells such rich stories. I often find myself getting lusciously lost in them.
  3. Rolling Stone Many, many, many reasons for this one. Not the least which would be to correct the egregious injustice of THIS album placing lower in the top 500 of all time list than George Michael’s “Faith”!
  4. Annie Leibovitz I’m one of the millions of Americans who suffer from the symptoms of being photographically impaired. I’d love to write for Annie (sure we’re on a first name basis) in hopes that I might find a cure for my cutting off of heads and mutating people into red-eyed creatures or shrinking them to the size of ants. If that didn’t work, it’s all good anyway. Who wouldn’t want to spend hours pouring over her American Music collection or ogle the proofs of her 2006 Vanity Fair pics that contain both George Clooney and Angie?
  5. Dooce This may seem an obvious choice. I’d beg to differ though. I’ll confess that, and don’t flog me for this, I’ve only read her blog a handful of times, if that. I read her book, “It Sucked and then I cried” last summer when I was still pretty much a bloggy larvae. I’ll further confess that I picked it only because it was written by “a” mom blogger not realizing it was penned by “THE” mom blogger. WHY would I want to ghost blog for her. Well because, as my husband put it this weekend, I “..just can’t get enough attention”. The comment volume alone would be intoxicating.

So Nuggetiers, what’s your Top Five? Be it ghost writing or adventure seeking (ugh jumping out of perfectly good air craft, NEVAH!) I’ love to hear about it.