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Tell them what they’ve won Ed…

I’ve got me some “drinking” buddies. Congrats to Audry and Marnia who scored themselves FIVE full value coupons for killer Coffee House Inspirations from International Delights.

Stay tuned kids.. I’ll be back to the snark and questionable sanity soon.. PLUS A CNOW Life .. is ALMOST there and will launch with a boat load of giveaways and fun. Stick around it’s gonna be EPIC!

Come drink with me…

Okay so the Back-to-School frenzy has me wanting to hit the hooch. The thing is what I really need -and I suspect you do to- is a double shot o’ coffee! Seriously, I’m up at 5:45 am DAILY now. Gone are the days of lounging in bed unit the clock strikes noon (as if). Mommy is back on the job and therefore requires an increase in her daily allotment of java… which is NOT to say I’m digging the thought of extra fat from the creamer.. I. AM. NOT.

Enter the folks at International Delight’s and their new line of CoffeeHouse Inspirations. Did I mention they are FAT FREE?.. yup sans butt enlarging AND tasty ta boot(y).

Skinny Vanilla Latte: Experience this coffeehouse classic with a decadent infusion of sweet vanilla flavor, without the fat and 30 calories per 1 Tbsp. serving

Skinny Caramel Macchiato: Sip and savor the bold coffeehouse caramel flavor with notes of sweet cream, without the fat and 30 calories per serving 1 Tbsp. serving

I tell ya, anything with the word “Skinny” in the title is good with me.. that’s about the ONLY place I’ll EVER get “Skinny”

Come join me for a drink then.. even if it’s just coffee. International Delight’s CoffeeHouse Inspirations is offering two Nuggetiers FIVE full value (as in five whole containers) coupons to try the new product! Can I get an AMEN?!

Just leave me a comment telling me how you are dealing with Back-to-School, not a parent or only have little nugs? Just tell me how you deal with a bear of a day. This contest is ends Friday September 3rd at 10:00 pm (EST).

Extra Entries:

Tweet this contest (be sure to leave a link in the comments). Refer a friend over to the Nuggets. When they sign up for my RSS Feed have them leave a comment here telling me you sent them.. BOTH of you will get an extra entry. Entries are UNLIMITED because that is how I roll.

P.S. KEEP AN EYE OUT.. I’ll be launching “A C.N.O.W. Life” soon.. a new page all about lifestyles, reviews, giveaways and mingling.

I was provided samples of the product prior to this giveaway/review. As always I only bring my readers information I feel is of value to them and am in no way influenced to do otherwise.

A Little BIT of advice

This week school started for us. With one kid each in high school, middle school, elementary school and preschool, there is a pretty good chance that at some point this year I’ll be compelled to run screaming from the house, ball up in the fetal position on the lawn and chant “Calgon take me away” uncontrollably until the little white wagon shows up to chauffeur me to my custom made padded hotel room that has a really cool lock which only works from the OUTSIDE!

There is just SO much to do and even more to think about… buses, teams, teachers, bullies, lunches, homework, fashion, grades, quality time.. no more NAP time! One of the things I wasn’t really considering though my pals over at Bitdefender brought up. In this day and age we don’t have to so much think about the three hole punch and five subject notebook as we do document storage and safety.  Really guys.. thanks! Like I needed one more thing to think about. They are totally right -once again- though. As a BitMom I’m really a lucky girl. Not only has the Bitdefender anit-virus software saved my netbook (truly this JUST happened four days ago) but I get all kinds of great advice, info and support from them and the other BitMoms in the community. Come join us.. the secret password is givemecoffee.. ha ha you don’t need a password but you WILL love the community!

The following is an article from Bitdefender and BitMoms.. enjoy (oh and hey, go visit Bitdefender, watch their new video and come back to comment about what you thought, some random comments will receive a keycode to try out Bitdefender for themselves!)

BitMoms & BitDefender Provide a Lesson on Different Way to Save Files

August signifies the winding down of summer and the fresh school year. This year
as you shop for back to school items, check your family computer to ensure that your
antivirus software is current and can safeguard your machine from potential viruses that
can come from opening infected files at home and school.

These days, students have a myriad of ways they can create and save documents to be
accessed in multiple locations but each has its benefits and risks. Here’s a quick run
down of the top ways students save files along with the pros and cons of each.

USB flash drives

USB flash drives are removable and rewriteable portable storage devices that plug into a
USB port. The come in a variety of different styles, range in their storage capacity, and
are widely available.

Pros: The small size of USB drives makes them easy to attach to a backpack,
keychain, or slip into a pocket. They also durable due to the lack of moving parts
and tend to be quite reliable for accessing documents over an extended period of
time. They are available in a wide range of sizes.

Cons: While the size and portability of USB drives is appealing, they are also easily
misplaced. Not only does it cost money to replace them but data is often lost unless
a regular backup is done to store documents on the home computer. USB drives
have a fairly long life but can also die without warning rendering all data on the
drive inaccessible. USB drives can also be infected with viruses living on the host
computers they are plugged into and be a way to unknowingly install viruses on
your home computer.

Emailing assignments

These days it seems like most kids, even in the upper elementary grades, have an email
address. Email accounts are free thanks to Yahoo, Gmail, and many other internet
service providers.

Pro: A student can work on an assignment at home and attach it to an email to
themselves which can be opened at school if your school allows student use of email
for class work. This serves as a free and easy way to ensure that documents are
accessible for working on them at home, school, or wherever your child has an
internet connection.

Cons: Your home computer may run a different version of software than your
child’s school. Having different versions of software, such as Microsoft Office, can
make it impossible to open documents at school if you have a newer version installed
at home. To alleviate this problem, teach your child how to do a “save as” to save
their document in a compatible file format that can be read at school. Incompatible
file formats that make documents unreadable at school can be frustrating for
children if they want to add last minute touches to their homework at school
but can’t open their assignment. Also, there is a high risk of viruses attaching
themselves to Microsoft Word documents thanks to macros that are written into the
language of the program. To avoid this turn on Macro Virus Protection and make
sure your antivirus software is current and always scanning in the background.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a way you can create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets online
using your Gmail account.

Pro: The use of Google Docs is free, easy to navigate and use, and allows users
to access their documents from any computer with an internet connection which
makes it an efficient choice for students on the go. Google Docs enables users
to share their work and collaborate on an assignment which is useful for group
assignments. The autosave feature helps making sure that changes are frequently
saved and working in Google Docs eliminates the problem of incompatible file
formats. Since Google Docs is its own system, creating, editing, and saving
documents while they are part of Google Docs is a safe way to avoid potential
viruses and malware.

Con: Google Docs requires an internet connection in order to access documents.
Some schools don’t allow the use of Google Docs. If you convert your Google Doc
into another file format to email it to someone, there is the potential that a virus will
sneak in the emailed document.

Regardless of your child’s preferred way to save and access documents both at home and
school, knowing the risks that come with each method helps prevent potential problems
that could jeopardize your student’s ability to get work turned in on time and harm your
family computer. If you feel like your computer has been compromised, you can always
run BitDefender’s free online scanner directly from your browser to immediately clean
your system memory.

This article was provided as exclusive content by BitDefender because of my role as a
BitMom Blog Network Member. No compensation was received for sharing this post
however; BitMoms is providing me with a blog conference stipend and other materials
to help me facilitate sharing topics of internet safety and security with my readers and
through the BitMom Community.

Disney’s (an EPIC Video review)

If you suffered through that you DESERVE a reward! Francis Ford-Copolla I am NOT!

Disney’s Toontown Online is a FREE to play award-winning game that also offers a paid version for less than the cost of a movie ticket. It’s designed specifically for kids and families. Jump into the game, like the Lil’ Nuggets did for nearly THREE HOURS after we shot this review, and see why we can’t get enough!

Stop back by here and leave me a comment (just not one on the shoes, clothes and toys decorating the poorly lit background. I’m allergic to house cleaning okay!). One randomly chosen comment will win all of this… loot: hat, t-shirt, mousepad, play cube, notebook and MORE!

Get an extra entry for tweeting (be sure to leave a comment with the link to your tweet)… unlimited entries!

“Enter to win a Disney prize pack from @dipaolamomma #toontown”

Contest is open to US residents only, ends Friday July 23rd at midnight EST. Winner will be notified via email so be SURE I can reach you!

My thanks to Disney’s for providing my family with box of branded items and access to their website for review. As always any review on this sight reflects my opinions and is only undertaken if I feel my readers would enjoy it or benefit from it.

A Week OF Reviews (& swag too!)

Howdy Nuggetiers! Wow have I been MIA or what? Summer is really kicking this momma’s tail. Which is bad news when one considers we are only weeks into the gig at this point.

But I’ll drink buck up and do my best to make it out alive.

This week I’ll be playing catch up here at The Nuggets. I’ve got reviews and giveaways from Disney’s ToonTown, Hershey, SunSkinz, GlueDots and MORE!

Be sure you’re subscribed to the Nuggets, follow me on twitter.. and know the secret handshake.. because it’s gonna be EPIC! (okay so maybe not epic but at the very least it’s gonna be a great way to avoid another trip to the pool.. aka mom torture)