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U2 Tuesday: Reliving My Youth One Overpriced T-Shirt at a Time

To celebrate my victory over the evil that lurks in the heart of the first day of the week, I thought I’d just go full-on screaming teenager and share the SUPER-COOL-COOLNESS-OF-COOL that I got to gaze down upon – from the nosebleed section – at FedEx Field last week.

U2 STILL ROCKS! Don’t believe it? Who else can erect this monstrosity in one day? That other guy might need seven days, but not the boys from Dublin.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t as impressive as an entire universe, but it certainly read as, out-of-this-world.

Then there is the gracefully aging Mr. Mullen (and by that I mean, still sexy after all these years.)  Though this picture doesn’t do him justice, Larry Mullen Jr is settling well into his latter years. SwoonFor his part Bono can still strike a pose reminiscent of The Joshua Tree, days of yore. Is it just me or is this SOOOO With or Without You?
I suspect he’s got a few more years of rock left in him. If Mr. Geriatric Jiggles – Mick Jagger – is any indication, Bono has hope. Maybe there is something to be said for the rock and/or roll lifestyle, eh Music Savvy Mom?

Adding to the thrill of my fifth U2 show was the fact that I teenaged son tagged along for his first. I figured it was an even trade for my having to drag my old butt to Fallout Boy (don’t tell but, they were a-freaking-mazing and I loved it, ssshhhh I have to play stick in the mud mommy). My hope is that he’ll treasure this moment as much as I will.
There is something about standing in a crowd of thousands and singing the lyrics to your favorite songs with your kid who knows them all, that is just priceless.  The forty dollar t-shirt was NOT!


Fit Pitchin’ Friday… The Brain Snatchers!

I know they’re out there, lurking in the shadows. Waiting to pounce AGAIN…

It seems every time I get my wits back, they return! Once “super” mom, I could do it all! Four kids, no problem! You need me to make your wedding cake? DONE! Dentist at 6, doctor at 6:45.. I’m there! Blogging, cooking, child care, volunteering.. I got it covered.

Then the invasion begins and all I can say is…

So today’s fit is tossed in the general direction of that illusive pod that now houses my brain. I WANT IT BACK DAM IT!!! I need it… Take Hers, she obviously has little use for it!

Or his, maybe he’ll shut his yap if you do…

Or better yet how about these guys??? Every mother of a girl aged 7 to 15 would fall at your feet in gratitude!

So my dear readers, once again I find myself at a loss… of brain.. and therefore no snappy fit, no sharp humor, no righteous indignation… and pretty much no material for a post today. Have a GREAT weekend. Go give congrats to B over at Simply B who won the John Frieda hair care package. The snatchers visited on Monday as well so I forgot to announce it then. Book clubbers stop by and see the list and some “Wholly Crap They Cost HOW MUCH?!” updates. NEXT week… BIG announcements.. BIG, REAL BIG.. like a giveaway a day coming to a Nuggets near you! Thanks for the Tech advice too, I’m working on getting some answers there, Bloggers’ got some splainin’ to do!

When is it ever okay?

I’m still trying to collect myself after the weekend so today I thought I’d blog in pictures. Sometimes there is just nothing like a visual. The theme of this pictorial is.. When is it ever okay…?

When is it ever okay… WHEN?!!

When is it ever okay to… rock BOTH these winning looks at the same time? One at a time big guy!

When is it ever okay.. to let this chick borrow YOUR car?

When is it ever okay… to try and pull off the Princess Leia look?

I leave you with this…
When is it ever okay… NOT to take this sage advice?

A conversation with #4

Let me just preface this post by saying, I can go NO WHERE in my home without at least ONE child in tow. Yes, I mean NO WHERE! Heck it’s the rare occasion that I can leave the house without at least one of the four of them. It’s so bad that I feel like it’s a vacation if I can go to the grocery store sans offspring. I can often be seen singing to myself in the car “free at last! free at last!”. This is the set up for my, shall we say… interesting, conversation with #4 last night (in case you didn’t know #4 is my 2 3/4 year old daughter).

Me “It’s time to go to bed Chewcita (her nickname)”

Her “Carry me”

Me “No, you’re a big girl you can walk”

At this point she attaches herself to my leg like a mini octopus and starts whimpering like a beat up puppy dog. I of course fold like a cheap suit and carry her up stairs.

While climbing the stairs, her on my hip she says…

“See mommy you can do it. Good Mommy, yeah”

Thanks for the impromptu pep rally kiddo.
We head in to the powder room to do the pre-snooze grooming.

Me “okay baby get undressed so we can put your pjs on”

Her “DUH”

Me “What did you say”

Her “Not thing momma”

Me “Be nice, come on let’s get ready for bed”

Her “Mommy what happened to your legs? Did a seekto get you?

Me “No”

Her “Why are you legs so bumpy then?”

Me “I’m old”

Her “Very old huh?”

Me “Yep”

Her “Mommy, what is that?! Cat hair?!”

Me “WHAT?!”

Her “Mommy, you hiney growin’ cat hair on it”

Me “Time for bed!”

Her “Does daddy know you have cat hair, like Coco?”

Me “BED”

Her “How come you have cat hair?”

Me “I said BED!”

Her “Can I tell daddy you have cat hair on your (insert giggle) BUTT?!”

In the words of the immortal Art Linkledder… “Kids say the darndest things”

The DH

Does your husband or significant other read your blog? I know some of you like Rosie over at Vino Bodega and my very bestest bloggy BF Tamara over at Cheapskate Mom have husbands who not only read it but want to guest post for ya.. WOW! Some how I don’t see a dissertation on how the moon landing was faked and detailing the ensuing cover up going over well with the Nuggetiers. So I’ll be okay with him not wanting to guest post for me.

My hubby gets my posts in feed burner. Why? BECAUSE I SET IT UP FOR HIM! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got one heck of a guy. He is really supportive of my blogging, in between huffs and sighs when I’m at the computer. Which I’ll confess HERE IN WRITING FOR HIM, is more than MAYBE it should be… maybe being the key word there. He is always game to try any of the new products that turn up at the door slated for review and/or giveaway at the Nuggets. Mind you this is a TOUGH job.. cupcakes, popcorn, chips.. what a trooper! I do have to give him props for putting up that recently mentioned first edition copy of one of the Twilight books. In his spare time (cuz we all know the boys have MORE than we do) he has an online book store and this book is valued in the $100’s so THANKS BABE!

The other day he actually read a post! Did he comment on the content of the article? Give me kudos for being one of the cool kids? Nope… He wanted to know why I call him The DH. Well I’d explained that to him months ago when I first started blogging. I guess he forgot. So today I pay tribute to a one of a kind man, the Dude before there was The Dude,

a true renaissance man,

a guy secure enough in himself to admit to singing Free Bird in the car with the boys on a recent all guy road trip,

an amazing dad

And yes.. I’ve got to concede.. very supportive hubby.. The DH.

In the blogosphere, DH is commonly used as an acronym for “Darling Husband”, for me he is so much more. What does The DH mean to me?

The DH, is my Dam Hot hubby
The DH, is the Designated Hitter around here, my own personal Jason Giambi sans the 70’s porn star mustache

The DH, is Darn Helpful
The DH, is Da Hoss around these parts pardner

The DH, can be seen Doing House work more than most (myself included)

The DH, has an amazing way of making me feel young and beautiful.. so he could be called a magician like Doug Henning (only FAR more Hetero)

When all is said and done, The DH is many things.. but most of all when I think of him I’m Darn Happy (now that’s sadly sickeningly sappy)… so babe, when you read this Do the Happy dance.. it’s your big well Deserved Homage! Kisses