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Get some FREE stuff and have fun too

Okay, by now if you’ve popped in on my blog more than 2 times you know I dig me the freebies and money makers. No amount is too little, no freebie is beneath me if I have to pay nothing I’m in like Flinn babe!

I know there are a few of you rabid savers out there too (shout out to Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom and Grocery Momma!).. so I thought you might like this one, and maybe you already know about it… but it can’t hurt to put the word out.

Vocalpoint ( is a word of mouth advert and market research company. I’ve been a member (FREE) for about 60 days now. In that 60 days this is what I’ve received:

$100.. CASH in my hot little hand that day! For participating in a FUN 30 minute Saturn Hybrid focus group
FREE Venus 5 blade razor (and 6 $4 off coupons)
FREE Crest Weekly toothpaste (new product)
FREE Crest headband (no I’m not walking around town dressed like a tube of toothpaste! It’s the type you use to hold your hair back when washing your face or ATTEMPTING (in my case) to make your face look better)
FREE Kashi cereal bars (4 $2 off coupons)
FREE Starkist Tuna flavor sensations pouch (8 $1 off coupons)
COUPONS GALORE.. good ones too like:
BOGO on Delmote Fruit sensations (8 of these)

They also have fun and sassy message boards, great tips for saving and things like organization and kids crafts.

So go check them out. I get nothing from this save the mushy feeling of helping other moms make it happen.

I got goosebumps

Politics aside (ironically), I have to say I got goosebumps voting today. It’s a moving moment to think that no matter what the outcome, tomorrow morning we will have made history in this country. We turned out in record numbers as Americans to exercise our rights, given to us through the honor and bravery of so many since the founding of our country. No matter the ballot we cast we will forever be remembered as those of the era of change. Be it the first president of African descent, our first female vice-president or even the beginings of a call to a system of more than two parties will live in a new America.

On behalf of myself as a former service member (Go Navy) and of those who serve or have served, thank you for voting!

Killer Swag!

Hey Kiddies.. my home-mommies and I had our first “house party” party on Saturday. I got 16 sets of Arm&Hammer’s new green cleaner, canvas tote bags, microfiber reusable cleaning cloths, baking soda fridge freshners and great coupons.. the kicker… it was all FREE!!!!!

I didn’t have to buy or sell anything (well save for the appletinis..he he). So go check it out.

There are lots of great parties to sign up for. NO FEES, nada.. just have a party, invite your pals, post your thoughts and pics on their website and wah la, fun for all.

Next up is a picture of our swag bag.