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Fit Pitchin’ Friday: Random Crap that Chapped my tail this week

To start things off the fact that I have zero time for my blog, your blog or any other blog. UNFAIR

Now onto the other crap from the week past, that sent me into screaming frenzies at both the audacity and idiocy of the human creature.

Exibit A

This week the elected brain trust of the city of San Francisco became the first city in our fair country to ban Happy Meal toys in meals that contained over a certain amount of calories.

City supervisor Eric “I know how to parent YOUR kids”  Mar was quoted as having said, “We’re part of a movement that is moving forward an agenda of food justice”. Um.. “Food Justice”? Please do be splaining this to me Mr. Mar. You see I am such a lazy ignoramus, so unfit to parent my own children, that not only am I incapable of making good food choices for them I have no clue what the hell you are talking about. Seriously at what point did a McNugget become become public enemy number one? Was is around the same time that, we as parents collectively became wholly unable to employ the long proven tactic of “I don’t care if you want the dam toy! I said no and “no” means NO!” I do not need you or your “agenda” to tell me how to feed my family. If what you’re trying to do is make healthy food more attractive to families why not start with putting pricing caps on organic foods. Hello, my last Whole Foods bill likely knocked one of the brood off the “College Bound” list.

Exibit B

Chalk up a “win” for the First Amendment gang. This week the World’s largest on-line retailer, Amazon, took a stand for the little guy (which is why I’m assuming he has his “issues”) a pedophile who wrote an e-book with “guidelines that will hopefully help you if you ever get caught” (from the actual Amazon listing).  When inundated with emails from outraged customers (yours truly included) this is part of what Amazon had to say…

“our goal is to provide customers with the broadest selection possible so they can find, discover, and buy any item they might be seeking. That selection includes some items which many people may find objectionable. Therefore, the items offered on our website represent a wide spectrum of opinions on a variety of topics…Amazon.com believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles because we believe their message is objectionable. Therefore, we’ll continue to make controversial works available in the United States and everywhere else, except where they’re prohibited by law.”

(for the record Amazon will not sell adult on adult porn.. but this.. sure why not?)

I am the FIRST person who will rally behind the cause of preventing censorship. I went to a school where book banning was the local pass-time. That said, I think giving “tips and guidelines for having safe pleasure” when we’re talking about CHILDREN just might border on criminal. Thankfully Amazon freaked the fuck out when faced with a boycott during the holidays saw the light and did the right thing. The book was pulled yesterday afternoon.

Exibit C

Yesterday was Veterans Day. I usually have a post up (read last year’s, if only to see me in uniform, rawr). This year I didn’t write one. I saved my thoughts for today. Why? Well because the public school in the FINE state of Maryland (the “Free State”, ironically made so through the sacrifice of  Veteran.. ahem) could not .. ONCE AGAIN.. see their way to observing the day. Yep, yet again the schools were open. This really gets me. Our schools close for everything! The number of “in-services” is dizzying. Yet they can’t take pause to pay proper respect the the “service” that matters most. WHATEVERRRR! It sickens me so much, that if it were not for the fact that I’d have to spend the whole day with my own kids, I’d have pulled them out of school in protest.

You don't have to support war to support our troops!

So gang… how was your week? Who cheesed you off? What ridiculous policy chapped your hide? Which one of you has a fit to pitch? Come on.. you KNOW you wanna. SO just DO IT! Let it all hang out.. give em what for. Or just leave an anonymous comment telling off some nameless, faceless person who offended ya. We’ve all been there.

Fit Pitchin’ Friday… Walking on the moon VS The Moon Walk

I had a BIG rant lined up for today. I had a giant soap box AND my four inch stilettos all ready. It would have gone something like this:

I’m sick of hearing about Michael Jackson! Sure he gave us The Moon Walk, Thriller and the Pepsi Generation. But, did anyone notice that Walter Cronkite also died? He gave the whole country a voice FOR generations. He flew on missions in WWII. Grieved with the nation while the events of President Kennedy’s assassination unfolded live on TV. Helped Americans see Vietnam in all it’s pain and futility. He was our voice and the voice for the first walk ON the moon! But do you see ABC news doing a 2 hour “special” on back to back nights about HIS life? Nope, you get Michael Jackson!

I intended to point out that the city of Los Angeles forked out $1.4 million bucks for the Michael Jackson memorial FEST (let’s face it, that’s what it was) and graciously decided NOT to ask either the Jackson estate or the German firm that owns the Staples Center, where it was held, to foot any of that bill. All while the Los Angeles school district let go of 1,690 elementary school teachers as well as 600 Math and English middle and high school teachers, blaming budget shortfalls. Priorities a bit askew there much L.A.? (source, Los Angeles Times)

I had fully intended to fuss about the fact that I can’t turn on any excuse for a news program, be it CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC or even the freakin’ BBC and NOT hear something about Michael Jackson. Sure it’s tragic that he left behind beautiful kids, who have now got even more emotional baggage to deal with than just being named things like Blanket! I do feel for them and the whole family.

But Nuggetiers this morning I got some news that over shadowed all this and even the Beer Summit, The DNC emailing me and asking me to donate a dollar a day until health care reform is passed, to “show the Republicans we are serious and we are not backing down” (yeah that isn’t a joke, it really happened!). You see this morning I got an email from The DH. I usually react one of two ways when I see a message with no title in it from him. Either, yeah he is sending me a love note because he misses me. Or, oh crap what did I do now? I was wholly unprepared for the content of today’s message though. Here is the gist of it;

Gigi Barnett reports the health department is helping to calm fears that there will be a massive swine flu outbreak.

There were 220 Veterans Affairs workers here in Baltimore at a downtown federal building for a two week training session.

A number of them were asked to stay in their hotel rooms after being diagnosed with the H1N1 virus also known as swine flu.

Eleven people were found to have contracted the flu.

Three more patients may also have the virus.

The Baltimore City Health Department says all of the people trained at a downtown federal building.

E-mails and notices were sent alerting other workers to the number of cases of the virus tied to the building.

Um, well.. The DH works in this building and NONE of them were EVER notified!!!!

I’ve been sick for two weeks. I’m actually much better than I was a week ago so I’m not worried about being infected. I am however, PISSED! #4 had a high fever with no other symptoms on Monday. She is fine now as well. But what the HELL?! I know I don’t usually get this ticked off. And I realize, being that my Da and sister-in-law both work in health care related jobs, that H1N1 has killed far fewer people than the “regular” flu does annually. But I’m a hypochondriac people. If the purple spotted pink ostrich flu was spotted within 1000 miles I’d freak out and start looking for pink and purple polka dots on my kids!

When you combine that tendency with my being a mom… well it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of full blown paranoia! And as we all know, from the Kinks.. “Paranoia will destroy ya”!! And well, I adore The DH and the thought of him returning DAILY to a building that could be contaminated… Well I just get really ticked! I am shocked and angered that the government wouldn’t see fit to tell ALL the employees. Sure, what are they gonna do about it anyway? What gets me is they felt that the people there TEMPORARILY needed to know but those that work their every day..well they are no big deal, right? I think a big part of the fear over H1N1 is media hype. So I’m not in a panic. The fact that this was not information give to ALL though sort of smacks of disrespect. And dare I say, cover up?

So it might not have been the fit I had prepared to pitch, but it’s a fit all the same. Now I leave you to go buy out all the hand sanitizer at CVS! And see if any ostriches have been spotted in the area!

An open letter to our new President

Dear President Obama,

We the American People having judged you simply on the content of your character have now entrusted you with our hopes. This yolk, I am sure, will be both an honor and a burden to bare. My hope for you is that you understand in your hands you hold our dreams. That in times of hardship you may find those dreams buoyant enough to hold you up. That you may draw upon their strength when you find yourself at the point of need. In you we see not just the winds of change but a dream realized and the hope of dreams yet to come.

The road ahead will be littered with trials but know that we have faith in you. I take into my heart your call to service and change from within. It is my faith that this call will take seed in the hearts of all Americans, and that we may once again have full pride in our country, our leader and do so in the name of love and the fulfillment of all our aspirations.

This day will stand to show all naysayers that all things are within the grasp of the person who dares dream.

With Pride,

Lara DiPaola
(formerly)U.S. Navy
Aviation Boatswains Mate Third Class
Veteran of Desert Storm
Proud recipient of the National Defense Service Medal